Preserve Christmas thru Scrapbooking


Check these out-Christmas pages are here. Preserve those family moments! Register for a class or a kit-to-go (with directions and color photos). Classes January 21st, 22nd, or 27th @ 7pm. These kits will sell out, so act quick. Register prior to 1/5/16 and receive 2 extra pages free. See below- pages 7 & 8. Comment, text or call 804.241.0466 to see an order form & reserve yours today. 

pg 1 & 2


pg 3 & 4


pg 5 & 6


Free pages w/ payment prior to 1/5/16


pick you kit or kit to go


pick your embellishments


for an additional 11 pages, these are fun extras. page protectors ($11.35) and preprinted PML cards ($9.60) for quick fast memory documenting



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  1. Kathy,

    Can I go ahead and order but not pick a night yet? I don’t have my schedule past Jan 17th. I should hopefully be able to make one of those nights work just might not know which one until next week.



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